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Other services

Lease of advertisement space on trailers
You can lease advertisement space, which would be possible to seen each day on most exposed places in whole EU.
The trailer has disposition area of 80 m2 determined for your promotion, concretly:

Your specification and request can be worked up by our company ( from graphics proposal to own realisation ).Price of the lease from 6.49,-- €/m2/a year

Buying and selling of new or used transport techniques
We will always find technique requested by you in our database. We can offer purchase of transport technique by form of assumption of leasing, always under the profitable conditions.

Contact us with your request regarding concrete type of vehicle and we will ensure for you concrete offer including few possibilities of financing.

Alternative financing of transport technique and companies operation
Do you have any problems with financing of technique, you wount get bank credit, eventually leasing? Do you have problems with repayment of leasing?

Contact us, we will prepare for you individual solution of those problems.
We offer alternative financial solutions, possibility of short-term loans, assumption and leasing payment /amortization/ of leasing and other possibility according concrete situation.

Sell, purchase and demands cashing of your partners from transport branch
Offer us your demands of your partners, leave us your cares to recover your demands, just do your own business.
We are in contact with transport market each day, not only in czech republic, we are specialists to solve those problems - by form of direct purchase, cashing of demands or inclusions.

Lease of storage areas
We offer lease of storage and administrative areas in zatec, in industrial zone astra.

Dispositional areas:

Price from 19,-- €/m2/a year

All in secured area, closed to incoming industrial zone triangle, 3km from international road R7
Availability: Prague 75km, Dresden 80km.

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